Fedail Consulting provides a wide range of services for small businesses, from IT consultancy to wholesale solutions and agribusiness.

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Due to the recent financial crises and economic recessions, many companies are reluctant to open up to the world and expand their business into new markets.
On the other hand, interestingly, a large number of companies took advantage of the recently changing business landscape and began looking to emerging markets outside their territory to expand their customer base.
With a variety of online exchanges, eCommerce, and social platforms, they can reach a global customer base at very little cost. Worldwide shipping is becoming more and more commonplace for private individuals, retailers and do-it-yourselfers.
However, small and new companies with a global focus lack the local knowledge and resources necessary to build concrete customer experiences outside of their territories. They need partners with local know-how and access to resources and culture in their new markets.

At Fedail Consulting we offer our outsourcing services to help you

  • expand your reach and move into new markets, especially in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
  • prepare your new product for the market from design and packaging to product presentation and marketing strategy.
  • market and distribute your product after adapting it to the local market.
  • find and import a specific product like agricultural products (Sourcing).
  • find new investment and agribusiness opportunities.

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We value new partnerships and collaborations. Whether an individual, a small business owner, or a part of a large corporate, we are happy to discuss your project with you.


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Our Values

While doing business, we always keep these values and guidelines in mind:

- To provide consistent, safe, healthy and environmentally friendly products;
- to continually improve our processes and quality of services; and
- to promote awareness, recognition and respect of cultural diversity.

About Fedail Consulting

Fedail Consulting is a Swiss-based company located in Bern city. The company provides a wide range of services for small businesses, from IT consultancy to wholesale and agribusiness solutions.


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